S/S Skiftet

S/S Skiftet was built in Turku in 1908. She was an icebreaking passenger steamship, operating between Turku and Mariehamn. The ship measured 33 meters in length and 7.7 meters in width and the 500 horse power engine gave her a marching pace of 11 knots.

The loss of Skiftet was the biggest sea catastrophe in Åland waters. Hitting a belt of mines Skiftet was blown apart, 86 persons lost their lives and only five persons survived in the cold water.

Skiftet’s is resting on her port side at a depth of 23 meters, and the top deck can be reached at 15 meters. She rests in the bay of Rödhamn, approximately 20 minutes away from the harbour. Skiftet provides an easy dive due to her shallow position, but there is however always a small risk of collapse.

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