Travel to Åland

Åland is a popular destination from April to October, especially around longer holidays, so please make reservations for your boat trip as soon as you have booked your dive trip with us!

From UK you can travel to us by ferry, with DFDS, from Newcastle to Gothenburg. Then via a 300-mile drive across Sweden, and finally by ferry with any of our shipping companies from Stockholm to Åland. It is also possible to fly to Mariehamn via Helsinki or Stockholm.

From Sweden:

(M/S Rosella) departs from Kapellskär, 20 kilometers south of Norrtälje.

How to get there from Stockholm – take the E18 to Norrtälje, approximately one kilometre before Norrtälje, go right and follow the signs to Kapellskär. The trip lasts 2 hours. The terminal is only a five minute drive away from the dive centre as well as the accommodation at Övernäsgården.

Departs from Grisslehamn, approximately 45 kilometres north of Norrtälje.

From Stockholm – take the E18 to Norrtälje. When in Norrtälje, follow the signs to Grisslehamn.
The trip to Eckerö lasts two hours. The terminal is 35 kilometres from Mariehamn

From Finland:

Viking Line and Silja Line offer several travelling alternatives from both Helsinki and Turku. Please check each homepage for more information.

Please note!

For those of you who pass through Stockholm on your way to Norrtälje, pay attention to the travel time! Traffic jams at peak hours / road work usually make the trip much more time consuming than planned!

After a day trip on Sundays, we return to the dive center no later than 16:30. If you will be going home on a Sunday, please book your journey with the ferry at 18:00 or later.

When travelling on the boat to Stockholm, departing around 15.00, only one dive is performed on the day of departure

Divealand – Mariehamn – Åland